HUD - New Orleans, LA photos 1 -3

A 120 unit housing development featuring a medical center, communal dining/recreation rooms, laundry facilities, and a beauty salon.

Young Estates photos 4 - 6

Creative planning for affordable housing and market rate units must include communications technology and adaptive flexible spaces that can be utilized by 21st century entrepreneurs, whose base of operation may be their house or apartment. With creativity, the existing housing stock can provide a market advantage: an existing porch or balcony may become the future office/workspace that launches the career that actualizes an American Dream.

Windsor Village - New Orleans, LA

photos 7-10

With this 500-unit development of market-rate garden apartments and townhouses, we created a vibrant and interactive community, while bringing economic diversity to a previously rundown and depressed neighborhood. Amenities include a pool, fitness facility, counseling facilities, and daycare.