The work and expertise of Clifton James, LLC is a multi-disciplined, collaborative effort that brings together scientists, engineers, planners, economists, architects, and contractors for the purpose of transforming ideas into reality and providing needed services and facilities around the world. Changing times have created conditions in which the assembly of land, the financing of construction, the operations to be housed, the management of projects and similar conditions often determine the feasibility of a project, as well as the nature of the design and project construction.

Clifton James, LLC acts as the agent of the owner in procuring and coordinating the necessary services, thus retaining the required quality, esthetic control and coordination necessary to assure the owner of correct and unified results.

The early twenty-first century has been devoted to planning, architectural design and construction management of private projects. These projects represent a development philosophy rooted in a sense of community and quality of life. No individual project is an end unto itself, but must be viewed as another element in the community development matrix. Ownership interest in specific projects is based on long-range economic objectives and community development strategies. The regional office of Clifton James, LLC is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. They have provided planning design and construction administration/management for more than 40 years.